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Joan Naikazi

Joan is one of our sweet girls. She loves her pet goat at home! She lost both mom and dad to AIDS and lives with who she calls mom, Alisat. She is currently in primary school, so with ...

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John Dheyongera

l have 8 siblings, and l live with my mother. l hope to become a Technician someday! Would you consider sponsoring and encouraging me as I grow up?

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Joshua Mwodha

l have 8 siblings, and l live with my mother. l dream of becoming a good teacher someday so that I can make a difference for other kids. As you can see, I love bright colors!

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Joweli Musubika

Joweli of rowan programs, her husband died 5 years ago of snake bite, he left her with 11 children 8 boys and 3 girls. Rowan always carries out community needs assessment of the widows, orphans ...

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Kadija Naiwumbwe

Kadija is such a wonderful widow who loves Rowan programs by through sharing her life testimony with other widows of trusting and waiting upon God, Her husband died in 2016 of HIV/AIDS and left ...

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Kadija Nangobi

Kadija has a strong heart of love for her children, she is happy to be part of Rowan program her husband died in Jan 2019 of HIV/AIDS, he suffered greatly for a long time

He left her wit...

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Katerine Nabirye

Katerine is one of the irreplaceable ROWAN caregivers who serves the community selflessly, taking in orphans until they are old enough to be independent.

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Loy Bagume

Loy is a shining example in ROWAN of learning how to start a business and care for her family. She is doing well! She had a surgery late last year and had a slow recovery, so we are watching her...

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Mafo Yakub

Mafo never stops smiling! This young boy has a heart of gold, is hard working, and wants to teach Science when he grows up. He is well on his way there, as he is now studying hard in secondary s...

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Magret Kafuko

Marget is one of our amazing women who loves to join our literacy program and gardening activities in ROWAN! She has two beautiful children that she takes care of. She recently attended a busine...

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Mary Kiwala

Mary is one of our beautiful widows and has 6 children in our program! She loves to sew and has learned how to sew clothes that are sold in the US! Thank you for loving her!

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Maureen Baluka

Maureen has been a part of ROWAN programs since the beginning, and has a deep love for God and this ministry. She lost her father to HIV/AIDS and her mother is...

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