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Yazidi Mukhwana

Yazidi is one of the irreplaceable ROWAN caregivers who serves the community selflessly, taking in orphans until they are old enough to be independent. Yazidi's sister passed away in 2019 and he...

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Zaina Kagoya

Zaina is a bright young girl who loves playing with her pet goat at home! She lives with both parents, but both are suffering severely from HIV/AIDS. Her favorite foods are potatoes and beans. A...

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Zerita Namuwaya

Zerita is one of the widows in Rowan that loves the programs which impact the widows and orphans and she tell a story in her life when Rowan supporters visited her and prayed for her family. &nb...

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Zulaika Babirye

l have 3 siblings, and l live with my uncle. I am very creative, and someday, l dream of becoming a successful designer. I'm working hard to get there, but I need a sponsor to help me along the ...

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