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Tonny Mukisa

Tonny has the joy of the Lord! How is he so joyful? He has an incredible woman named Juliet as his mother. Tonny lost his father years ago to HIV/AIDS, and his mother Juliet is HIV+. However,&nb...

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Wahabu Kafero

This sweet young man has 2 siblings, and they live with their mother. Wahabu dreams to be a lawyer someday, and he says he's willing to work very hard so that he can help, protect, and defe...

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Yazidi Mukhwana

Yazidi is an incredibly loving uncle who is stepping into a very difficult situation. His sister died on Christmas Day 2018, leaving 11 children. He and his wife have three children and live in ...

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Zaina Kagoya

Zaina is a bright young girl who loves playing with her pet goat at home! After losing their father to kidney disease years ago, she and her 5 siblings live with their mother who is suffering se...

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Zerita Namuwaya

Zerita is one of the widows that loves the programs which impact the widows and orphans. She is new to the organization and has jumped in and began joining all our trainings and programs.


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Zulaika Babirye

We absolutely love Zulaika! She has 3 siblings, and after losing both parents to HIV/AIDS (her father in 2005 and her mother in 2011), she lives with her uncle, Badiri Mukose. She is very creati...

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