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Sajabi Sinani

l have 4 siblings, and l live with my mother. Someday, with lots of education and hard work, I dream to be doctor! Will you help me?

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Shafic Mumbya

I have 11 siblings, and l live with my mother. My dream is to become a nurse when I'm older!

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Siragi Waiswa

l have 5 siblings, and l live with my mother. l dream to be a clinical officer!

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Suliaman Dhakaba

Suliaman is one of our higher education students currently studying plumbing in Nile Vocational School! He unfortunately lost his parents due to HIV/AIDs and together we are empowering him with ...

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Sumeyi Emmanuel

Sumeyi is an amazing young man who lost his father due to HIV/AIDS years ago and when he is not in school he lives with his mother. He is currently in higher education learning how to paint vehi...

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Sylivia Namwela

Sylvia is a widow in Rowan programs, her husband died 2 years ago of HIV/AIDS,   he left her with 5 children. Rowan always carries out community needs assessment of the widows, orphans...

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Yazidi Mukhwana

Yazidi is one of the irreplaceable ROWAN caregivers who serves the community selflessly, taking in orphans until they are old enough to be independent. Yazidi's sister passed away in 2019 and he...

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Zaina Kagoya

Zaina is a bright young girl who loves playing with her pet goat at home! She lives with both parents, but both are suffering severely from HIV/AIDS. Her favorite foods are potatoes and beans. A...

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Zulaika Babirye

l have 3 siblings, and l live with my uncle. I am very creative, and someday, l dream of becoming a successful designer. I'm working hard to get there, but I need a sponsor to help me along the ...

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