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ROWAN is a faith-based community of widows, widowers, caregivers and orphans affected by the plight of HIV/AIDS. We have been in existence since 2008 and are now supporting over 300 members across 30 villages. Together we create holistic approaches toward poverty alleviation, resulting in self-reliance. Every widow a leader; every orphan a beloved child.

3 pillars of our sponsorship program:

  1. Secure financial needs for individual members

  1. Establish relationship between the donor and the child/widow. 

  1. Empower someone in need toward self-reliance and graduate ROWAN sponsorship

$38 a month helps provide:

  • Medical Care including HIV medication, pre-natal care and general needs
  • Education and Literacy costs including materials, uniforms and school fees
  • Micro Enterprise Start-ups, savings groups and extensive business trainings
  • Nutritious meals weekly
  • Spiritual nourishment every Saturday at our center

What makes our program unique?

ROWAN supports the widow or orphan until they are able to sustain themselves with no cut off age. We see students finish school and begin their first jobs; we train widows on starting their own businesses, save and take care of their family. You get to be a vital part of their journey!

Francis Hiire

Francis is new to our program and we are so excited to have him! He comes from a very vulnerable family suffering from HIV/AIDS but has big dreams to achieve in school and to grow up to rise out...

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Franco Mbago

Franco is a widower and a caregiver in the ROWAN programs. It is with members like him that we can be sustainable in our family based care model. He makes a huge impact daily on the lives of cou...

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Geofrey Kawanguzi

Geofrey is a sweet young boy who unfortunately lost both of his parents to HIV/AIDs at a very young age. He lives with a loving caregiver named Sande. He fetches water on his bicycle every ...

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Henry Ngobi

Henry is seven years old and is one of our newer members. We are so excited to have him be part or ROWAN! Unfortunately, Henry's father passed away, but his mom needs our help to enable Henry to...

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James Buyinza

James is a bright young man who lives with his uncle. His father passed away long ago, and his mother is unable to care for him. He helps around the house with laundry and dishes as well as stud...

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Janipher Biwundu

Janipher is a precious young lady in our program who loves math and wants to be an engineer! She lives with her mother Matilda and loves her time with ROWAN on Saturdays! Thank you for loving he...

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Jonathan Kyimwero

Jonathan is a bright young boy who is studying hard in secondary school! Jonathan prioritizes being a huge help in the household, as his father left his mother three years ago. His mother is HIV...

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Jonathan Wagaba

Jonathan has just begun his second year in undergad classes for pre-med! Together with several sponsors, we can ensure that Jonathan completes medical school and becomes the doctor he has a...

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Madina Namukose

Madina is brand new to the ROWAN program - let's help give her a warm welcome! We are so excited to have her in our community. She is nearing 60 years old and has so much to offer this world. Le...

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Magret Balidawa

Magret is nearly 60 years old, and we are lucky to have her as one of ROWAN's incredible, gracious caregivers. Despite having 5 of her own children, Magret selflessly opts to help care for other...

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Magret Kafuko

Marget is one of our amazing women who loves to join our literacy program and gardening activities in ROWAN! She has two beautiful children that she takes care of. She recently attended a busine...

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Maimuna Mutesi

Maimuna recently celebrated her 48th birthday, and her fellow ROWAN members and staff members frequently remind her of how deeply she is loved. As a widow in our community, Maimuna has access to...

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