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ROWAN is a faith-based community of widows, widowers, caregivers and orphans affected by the plight of HIV/AIDS. We have been in existence since 2008 and are now supporting over 300 members across 30 villages. Together we create holistic approaches toward poverty alleviation, resulting in self-reliance. Every widow a leader; every orphan a beloved child.

3 pillars of our sponsorship program:

  1. Secure financial needs for individual members

  1. Establish relationship between the donor and the child/widow. 

  1. Empower someone in need toward self-reliance and graduate ROWAN sponsorship

$38 a month helps provide:

  • Medical Care including HIV medication, pre-natal care and general needs
  • Education and Literacy costs including materials, uniforms and school fees
  • Micro Enterprise Start-ups, savings groups and extensive business trainings
  • Nutritious meals weekly
  • Spiritual nourishment every Saturday at our center

What makes our program unique?

ROWAN supports the widow or orphan until they are able to sustain themselves with no cut off age. We see students finish school and begin their first jobs; we train widows on starting their own businesses, save and take care of their family. You get to be a vital part of their journey!

Jonathan Kyimwero

Jonathan is a bright young boy in primary level 6. His father left his mother 3 years ago, and is now a huge help in the household. His mother is HIV+ and a strong spokeswoman for the ministry. ...

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Jonathan Wagaba

Jonathan has just began his first year in undergad classes for pre-med! Together with several sponsors, we can ensure Jonathan through medical school and become the doctor he has always dreamed ...

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Lydia Birungi

Lydia is in her third year at Secondary school and loving her studies. She lives with her mother during the holidays. She loves to sing and dance for the Lord! She is a natural born leader and w...

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Madina Namukose

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Mariam Namayinde

Mariam is the niece to the founder Pastor Paul Nyende. She lost her father to AIDS years ago and the mother is unable to care for her. She loves helping Pastor's wife around the house as well as...

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Martin Okoth

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Mathias Wandera

Mathias is a very hard working secondary student in the ROWAN program. He works hard at home, when he is not at school, planting maize, digging and fetching water. His dream is to go to universi...

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Micheal Mbatya

Michael is a bright young boy with a loving mom named Mary. Michael has many brothers and sisters in the program. Thank you for loving him and supporting his educational and physical needs!

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Mweigwa Wagabaza

Mweigwa lives with his mommy and daddy but both are struggling with HIV/AIDS. When he grows up, Mwesigwa wants to become an accountant because he loves mathematics and English. While at home he ...

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Nivia Namaganda

Nivia is 5 years old and she loves jumping rope while at school and at home. Her favorite food is cassava and her favorite drink is milk. Every evening she plays with her little brother named me...

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Patricia Kizza

I like pink and I love school especially science.  My Dad has died of HIV Aids and I live with my Mom.

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Praise Nantongo

Praise is a precious little one who is in Kindergarten. Both of her parents are extremely ill suffering from AIDs, so together we can encourage her parents by supporting Praise!  She dreams...

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