Tibita Magala

Age 25

Gender Male

Grade Higher Level 2

District Iganga

Graduation Date 2021-05-01

Tibita is doing VERY well. He is studying hard at technical school, as he pursues a career in plumbing! He is so thankful for all of the support you've given him and how you've enabled him to pick a career path that will allow him to sustain himself! He recently is in a three-year educational program that will teach him how to be the best plumber he can be. Let's keep helping and encouraging Tibita to finish strong!

Update for Tibita!

Published Wed, Apr 04, 18. Written by Kelsey Hargadine.

We are so incredibly proud of Tibita as he is in his first year of plumbing school at Nile Technical School! Coming from a child-headed family, he has had no parental support. But through your help, ROWAN has been able to love this young man and guide him to sustain himself and his future family! We can't thank you enough.


Next month he will be home in the village for their holidays and will send you updated photos and letters. Stay Tuned!




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