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Maureen Namuwanga

We met Maureen at our last Christmas party. ROWAN typically has a party every Christmas and gives gifts to all the members. But last year's party was different. It was a season where we were raising funds for the Hall of Hope building, and the villages asked if they could bring donations to the party and give instead of receive! So as people were coming with their chickens, goats, fruit, etc., Pastor Paul gets a tug on his pant leg. 

Paul turns around to see little Moreen, she is handicapped and had crawled over to him to give the only coin that she had. He had never seen her before, and with tears in his eyes...he received the greatest gift of all. She was full of joy and so excited to be able to give. 

Well little did she know that after that ROWAN would place her in a beautiful school for handicapped children. She couldn't believe how loved she was. Everyone at the school loves her and she is excelling in all her subjects! But she does need a sponsor to help continue to support her needs. 

Lets sponsor her and continue to learn from her in the greatest gift of all, giving.