Caroline Kyozira

Age 31

Gender Female

Grade Higher Year 2

District Bugiri

Caroline is 26 years old and is faithfully entering her second year of higher education. She is a bright young woman who unfortunately lost her mother at a young age due to HIV/AIDS, and her father is nowhere to be found. She lives with a caregiver named Jane in the village when she's not in boarding school. She is passionate about education and wants to become a teacher! Help her fulfill her passions and become the leader God has called her to be!

April update!

Published Wed, Apr 04, 18. Written by Kelsey Hargadine.

GREAT NEWS! Caroline is in her last semester at Nsaka University! She is days away from graduating and becoming a teacher! We will update you with her graduation date and she will write you her update letter shortly!

In the meantime, as she prepares to graduate, we would love to bless her with a special gift of a laptop! It is $350 total, so if you'd like to give a special gift as she finishes will go toward that! We will send the laptop over end of May with a short-term team.

Thank you for loving Caroline!

-ROWAN team





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