Urgent Needs


Bridging the Gap

In development work, there will always be immediate needs to accompany the long-term projects implemented. Together we can fill the gap between today and their future.

As urgent needs arise, both Uganda & USA Board members vote together on how to best utilize these funds. In the end, the Uganda board knows best & leads the way.

How we’ve used funds in the past


Dug 9 wells across the community.

Bought a ultrasound machine for clinic.

Helped widow named Mary have emergency surgery.


Built and opened our own ROWAN clinic to serve urgent needs in the community.

Hired a midwife to serve community.

Covered a special surgery for a child named Zauma.


ROWAN gifted over 250 mattresses, mosquito nets and bed sheets at Christmas.

Built two homes.




ROWAN bought a brick making machine and began building homes for widows.

ROWAN gifted 300 goats to members for local income.


Began weekly feeding program for all children in program.


ROWAN team from USA provided clothes and new mattresses for a widow whose home burned down.


We partnered with RainCatcher Uganda in order to distribute water filters to the church, the school, the clinic & ROWAN.Read more here.

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Our interns partnered with the ROWAN secondary students to build a mud house for one of George, one of the HIV+ beneficiaries. 


After the only well broke down in Mawanga, our USA board decided to make water a priority. New well opened Aug 26 & currently providing for over 4,000 community members!


After ROWAN widow Mirabu passed away, leaving 3 orphans behind, we constructed a new house for the children live in.

We covered medical bills of women with immediate healthcare needs.


We built new roof for the home of a ROWAN widow.

Famine hit the land of Mawanga & ROWAN members lost the season of harvest. We purchased food for the women & children during this dry season.


Pastor Paul’s youngest son Barnabas (who was 2 years old) fell into a boiling pot of beans, suffering from severe 3rd-degree burns. We supported the pastor by sending Barnabas to a burn specialist in Kampala for treatment.



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