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RAISED: $1,250.00

GOAL: $2,000.00

Help us send our students to the best schools! 

Best news all year: WE REACHED OUR SOLAR KIT GOAL! Every family is currently receiving their first solar light kit, and you helped make that possible. Bwana, age 75, shared,

I no longer have to live in darkness. The rats used to come in at night and now light has come.



Next year, the only thing between Sylivia's dreams and reality is quality education.



Next month, we have several students graduating primary level and joining our secondary/higher level, increasing our education budget needs. All donations from here to the new year will go toward assisting the sponsorships funds to help these students reach their potential.

$25 = Books for 1 student for the entire year

$50 = Final Exam costs for 5 students

$100 = Costs for a student in boarding school for 1 trimester

$400 = Costs for a student to go to school for an entire year


 Together with our amazing sponsors, we WILL see Sylivia and 55 other students excel in school! Every dollar will work to achieve these goals.




Emily Voorhies
Monument, CO, United States
Mark Erickson
Costa Mesa, CA, United States