Hall of Hope Phase 2

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RAISED: $18,355.00

GOAL: $70,000.00

WE DID IT! PHASE 1 is complete at $50,000 and we are well on our way to completing Phase 2! Phase 2 will cover the substructure which includes:


*Erecting supporting steel pillars plus metal trusses

*Installation of roof framework and covering profiled iron sheets

*Laying concrete slap for the second floor of classrooms and offices wing- 1184 square feet

*Laying structure for electrical and plumbing works


EVERY contribution helps make this Hall rise! Thank you for your love and support to ensure the widows and orphans receive their very first building!


Elaina Griffith
Acton, CA, United States
Kirsten Costea
Chino Hills, CA, United States
Matthew Ridenour
Agua Dulce, CA, United States
Angelus Block Co. Inc.
Sun Valley, CA, United States
Susan Weber
Verona, WI, United States
Denver, CO, United States